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We are a B2B SaaS SEO agency that helps grow your SQLs and MQLs organically with our proven SEO frameworks, driving ARR to new heights.

We scaled 50+ Global B2B SaaS Startups 🚀

Reasons to Trust Our SaaS SEO Agency

Free SEO Checklist

Get our exclusive SEO Audit Checklist, worth $99, that we created after working with 100+ clients.

Free Premium SuiteJar Account

You’ll get the premium plan of SuiteJar- an All-in-One SEO Tool worth $99/month.

Free SEO Audit & Suggestions

Our expert SEOs help you with detailed Audits and suggest you the changes you need to make.

Complimentary CRO

With our B2B SaaS SEO service, you get Conversion Rate Optimization for free.

Backlink Outreach

We have a highly successful framework to get high-quality, relevant backlinks for your website.

Why is your agency’s or in-house marketer’s SEO not working?

Because they preach, pray and use the same old Traditional Average SEO methods.


Focuses On Website Traffic, Not Conversion

Traditional SEO is more focused on finding keywords that have low difficulty and high volume leading to traffic with poor SQL, MQL acquisition, and low conversion.


A Lot Of Content That Doesn’t Address User Queries

Traditional SEO methods make use of low-hanging keywords to create more content to bring in high volumes of traffic to your website, but it fail to address the users’ pain points.


Scattered Content Without Topical Authority

Having a lot of content on your website doesn’t mean you’re authoritative from Google's point of view. Conventional SEO strategies fail to position yourself as an authoritative source in the niche you’re focused on.


Focuses a lot on Generating paid Backlinks

Companies buy backlinks from agencies or consultants. Backlinks help, but paid backlinks backfire.


Most importantly fails in Conversion Rate Optimization

The website has qualified traffic, good content yet not able to get enough closures!

We understand every SaaS company is unique and tries to solve different pain-points. That is why we have decided to dump the age-old SEO methods used by conventional marketing agencies and employ a new framework, ‘Growth-led SEO’. Designed for new-age B2B companies to win in a competitive market.

How’s framework stands out and helps you in SEO?

Growth-led SEO, our proven secret framework

Marketing-led SEO

  • Technical SEO

  • Onpage SEO

  • Offpage SEO

  • Focusing on indexing in the first three months Improving the webpages’ impression & traffic in the next three months

  • Conversion Rate Optimization in the following three months.

  • Product-led SEO

  • Include your product use cases in educational content like blogs and whitepapers.

  • Collaborate with integration partner apps to get visibility from their websites.

  • Strong presence in marketplaces like G2

  • Content-led SEO

  • Focus on finding keywords and phrases relevant to answering user search queries and industry trending topics.

  • Cluster topics and contents to position your brand as a trusted source of knowledge in your focus niche.

  • 6-month Content Calendar based on keyword research and competition analysis

  • Content creation based on the calendar (create as much as content in the first 6 months)

  • Monitor UX signals and optimize content and strategy to meet KPIs and boost relevant organic traffic.

  • Our Instant B2B SaaS SEO Team

    Works just like your in-house team, but without the cost & time of building an in-house Marketing Team

    Our Checklist to Scale SaaS SEO Marketing

    Keyword Discovery

    We do extensive keyword research to find keywords that answer your potential customer's search queries and also keywords that people in your niche and industry love to link to and share.

    Product Marketing Content

    We take every opportunity to promote and showcase the features of your products to potential leads. Our content, be it blogs, articles, whitepapers or social media posts, are created to show how users can use your product to achieve their goals easily.

    A complete health check-up of your site

    We conduct a complete diagnostic of your website to find issues that are hindering your visibility and ranking. We also analyze all existing content to understand better how to optimize it for your audience.

    A Custom Content Strategy for Your SaaS Product

    A unique content strategy is drawn from the ground up keeping in mind your product and how it can help your audience. We find the best channels to promote and share the content such that it brings relevant traffic to your website.

    A Deep Look Into Your Business

    We perform deep research about your industry, product, audience and also your competitors, to better understand and position your product in our marketing strategy.

    Produce Content That Drives qualified Traffic

    We create content based on the E.A.T, which is much preferred by Google. It also helps you boost the domain and topical authority of your website while also bringing in organic relevant traffic.

    Observe and optimize

    Once we publish the content we keep monitoring the UX signals of your website and sketch plans to optimize and improve KPI metrics. With over a decade of expertise working with SaaS startups, we ensure that your content is up to standards to rank in the top of Google Search Results.

    Create a Positive Impact No Matter How Small

    We constantly watch and audit your website to ensure it is crawlable, indexable and structured. We are always on the lookout to create content that can connect and provide value to your readers and help your potential leads make a purchasing decision. We track the progress of the website and optimize our work to drive growth to your SaaS Company constantly.


    At, we work to:

  • Bring relevant traffic to your website.
  • Increase your SQLs and MQLs.
  • Boost your website’s Pagerank and Domain Authority.
  • you as an authority in your industry.
  • conversion rates to skyrocket your MRR/ARR.
  • Grow with Our SaaS SEO Agency

    See how we’ve scaled other SaaS products with Growth-led SEO

    Kriyam is a platform that facilitates field investigations in the BFSI sector, especially in the insurance field, with end-to-end tracking, video KYCs, and other online KYC management systems.

    Services provided:

    Content Marketing

    SaaS SEO


    • We generated a boost in organic traffic from 10 to 35, increased impressions from 113 to 13,700, and improved the click-through rate from 8 to 45

    Datalligence AI is the best OKR tracking software for optimizing and measuring your goals and tracking progress against objectives.

    Services provided:

    Content Marketing


    SaaS SEO


    • Generated an increase in inbound demos from 2 to over 40 within 7 months.

    Chennai, Tamilnadu

    Tringpartner is a call management system that helps businesses with call routing, call forwarding, call tracking, virtual phone numbers, etc.

    Services provided:

    Content Marketing

    Performance Marketing

    SaaS SEO


    • We increased their quality leads by 688% in just three months.

    SurveySensum is an AI-Enabled Customer Experience Management Platform that enables businesses to create efficient, innovative, and interactive surveys, send it across multiple channels to gather valuable customer feedback with a better response rate and turn these into actionable business insights. 

    Services provided:


    Content Marketing

    Growth-led SEO


    • Generated $135k ARR (annual contracts) in the 9th month alone (latest)

    New York, Singapore, Gurgaon & Jakarta

    A highly interactive, unified, and feedback-oriented school communication platform that connects schools, parents, teachers, and students.

    Services provided:

    Growth-led SEO

    Performance Marketing

    Social Media

    Web Development

    Website UI/UX


    • 1202% increase in organic traffic in 11 months

    SalesQL is a Linkedin email finder tool which allows you to find personal and business emails, and phone numbers in Linkedin profiles in just one click with its Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Extension.

    Services provided:

    Content Marketing

    Growth-led SEO

    Social Media


    • 116% increase in organic traffic in just 3 months

    London, United Kingdom


    A leading cloud-based HR & Payroll software. Manages employee data, leaves, hr automation, tracks attendance, automates payroll, and a lot more.

    Services provided:

    Content Marketing

    Growth-led SEO


    400% increase in organic traffic in just 5 months

    London, Hong Kong & Delhi


    Foaps is a restaurant order management system that helps hotels and restaurants manage their online orders more effectively through a single window.

    Services provided:

    Content Marketing

    Growth-led SEO


    Performance Marketing


    Social Media


    • We generated over 730+ leads in just three months through our expert performance marketing and SaaS SEO strategies.

    Kochi, India

    Frequently Asked questions

    What is a SaaS SEO agency?

    A SaaS SEO agency specializes in providing SEO services tailored for Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, helping them improve online visibility and attract more traffic.

    How to do SEO for SaaS business?

    SEO for a SaaS business involves optimizing the website, focusing on keywords, creating high-quality content, technical SEO observation, and building authoritative backlinks to increase organic search rankings and conversions.

    Why is SEO important for B2B SaaS?

    SEO is necessary for B2B SaaS companies to enhance brand visibility, attract qualified leads, improve credibility, and revenue growth through organic search channels.

    How do you ensure deliverables when you work with multiple B2B SaaS SEO agencies?

    We form a dedicated team for each client with a dedicated Point of Contact (POC), and we’re 24x7 responsible for our committed deliverables.

    Why should I choose’s B2B SaaS SEO agency?

    Our Growth-led SEO is the key to unlocking the organic growth of your brand. By combining the best techniques from traditional and modern SEO practices, we at are able to position our B2B SaaS clients as thought leaders in their industry.

    What can I expect to get from this unique SEO service?

    Our Growth-led B2B SaaS SEO agency service brings together Marketing-led SEO, Content-led SEO, and Product-led SEO techniques to bring superfast organic results to your SaaS business. Our expert in-house team will develop a bullet-proof, unique SaaS SEO journey for your B2B brand. This includes building an authoritative backlink profile, regular technical audits, and optimizing existing on-page and off-page content. In addition to this, we also find keywords and topics that focus on bringing MQL and SQL to your website. We take complete ownership of all SEO-related channels to drive month-on-month PQL growth for your SaaS business.

    What type of businesses have you managed SEO channels for? is a full-service product marketing agency, and our in-house teams are experts in driving growth for B2B SaaS startups. We have worked with numerous SaaS startups located around the world. Some of the companies where we have driven results with Growth-led SEO are SurveySENSUM, SalesQL, toobler, and foaps. You can take a look at our customer page to know more. We made SEO their #1 channel for MRR and ARR growth with our unique services. Our mission at is to reduce the number of startup failures by doing what we do best – Marketing. So if you're a SaaS startup or any business that needs an experienced team to work closely with you – then give us a call, and together we can speed hack the growth of your B2B SaaS business.

    How many people from will be managing my project?

    We have a team of 4 experienced SEO professionals planning, executing, monitoring, analyzing, and reporting weekly on the progress of the SEO efforts. Our team will craft a unique B2B SEO strategy that is focused on positioning you as a thought leader, increasing your brand visibility, and, most importantly, driving MQL, SQL, and PQL growth on a month-on-month basis.

    Does your strategy include multi-channel marketing?

    Our team comes with a strong collective background. They are the best at what they do! Our team can easily create an Omni-Channel Strategy for your SaaS business by coordinating with our other internal teams, experienced in Content Marketing, Growth Marketing, Performance Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. We are here to scale your organic acquisition by integrating OUR ( + you) marketing efforts to create maximum impact. Our priority is to save your time and energy so that you can do what you do best – Create wonderful products and experiences.