Factors Increases their organic traffic by 291% with growth.cx | Case Study

Growth-led SEO and Content marketing Case Study

How did growth.cx help factors.ai to increase their organic traffic by 291%?


Increase in impressions
in 5 months


Increase in Organic Traffic
in 5 months


Increase in conversion rate
in 5 months

About Factors.ai

Factors.ai is an intuitive, AI-fueled marketing analytics and attribution platform. With Factors, B2B marketers unify and analyze data across campaigns, websites, and CRM to monitor marketing performance, prove marketing ROI, eliminate poor spends and scale efforts confidently.

Pain-points Factors.ai addresses

  • Marketing analytics and attribution
  • Journey mapping and path analysis
  • Marketing reporting and dashboarding
  • Account deanonymization

Website :


Offices :

Bengaluru, Wilmington

Business Type :

B2B Enterprise SaaS

Ideal Customer Profile :

  • Marketers from US-based SME B2B SaaS companies with at least $1Million in revenue.
  • B2B marketing agencie


  • Factors had over 100 pages, but they struggled to generate even 1,000 monthly organic traffic.
  • They worked with multiple agencies and even hired consultants, but nothing really helped them improve the organic traffic.

Our Observations & Analysis


  • The website's loading speed was significantly slow due to internal code and image-related issues, making user retention and engagement a concern.
  • The absence of HTTP pages, Schema, Canonical, redirection issues, and OG tags negatively affected the website's visibility and rankings.
  • The absence of a structured website hierarchy made user navigation complex, potentially leading to bounce rates and poor user experience.
  • The majority of the site's backlinks were "nofollow," which potentially stunted its organic growth.

Content :

  • The existing content on the website wasn't optimized with the right keywords.
  • The content lacked thought leadership and was written with generic knowledge.
  • There was no content hierarchy, topical authority, and E-E-A-T.
  • The blog pages were not properly structured; they lacked proper
  • URL structure
  • Table of Contents (TOC)
  • social sharing options
  • Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons

Challenges we faced

  • 100+ pages were there to optimize high-priority
  • Low content in the landing pages (80+ pages) created for PPC campaigns got indexed and affected the overall website SEO score.

Our strategy & execution


Phase 1: First Quarter Jan-March 2023

  • Listed out all the technical errors on the website and started working on them on a priority basis.
  • Performed website optimization to improve page speed score both for mobile and desktop versions.
  • Started with high-quality backlink-building activities.
  • Gave suggestions to improve existing blog design.
  • Resolved URL and redirection issues.
  • Updated Meta Titles, Alt tags, Internal linking, Header tags, image size optimization, etc. for all the old blogs.
  • Created and optimized Google Business profile and Bing Business Profile.

Phase 2: Second Quarter: April-June 2023

  • Shared suggestions for the new SEO pages based on the keyword Analysis
  • Started with link outreach activities.
  • Identified and fixed the broken links.
  • Pagespeed and technical errors were audited regularly to identify critical issues.
  • Analyzed the dead clicks on the website and took measures to sort them out.
  • Performed the competitor analysis to identify the keyword gap and overall performance.
  • Conduct search query analysis based on the target location and implement measures to boost keyword rankings for that location.
  • Analyzed the SEO Landing page of competitors and shared suggestions for new SEO pages.

Phase 3: Third Quarter: July - September 2023

  • Click-through rate (CTR) Analysis to improve the performance of the blogs.
  • Technical Error Fixing to improve the entire SEO score of the website.
  • Modifies outreach plans to improve the quality and quantity of backlinks

Content marketing

First Quarter :

  • Identified the existing pages that we could optimize and easily rank on Google's first page in priority order
  • Created a content strategy in collaboration with the client to create TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU content (blogs, SEO Landing Pages, etc.) based on the following factors:
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • ICP Search Queries
  • Created Pillar Keywords and 10+ Cluster Keywords for each Pillar.
  • Generated Blog/Page topics based on the Clusters Keywords
  • Wrote reader-friendly and well-researched content pieces on BOFU, TOFU, and MOFU blogs that highlighted the capabilities of factors.ai as a potential solution and how they stand out from the competition.
  • Optimized existing blogs while keeping the content engaging, improving readability, and tailoring them to the target audience's pain points.

What worked?

  • SEO
  • The suggestion to improve web design successfully reduced dead clicks on blog pages.
  • The SEO landing pages performed the best.
  • Content
  • The well-researched BOFU, TOFU, and MOFU blogs, which highlighted the capabilities of factors.ai as a potential solution, helped us improve SERP rankings.
  • The blog optimization of existing blogs that we tailored to address the target audience's pain points was the best decision as it helped us achieve tangible results.

What didn't work?

  • Initially, we focused solely on fixing technical errors, which led to a decline in traffic. However, we quickly pivoted our strategy, addressing both technical and on-page errors, and doubled down on link-building activities.

End Result

  • 78 queries are positioned at No.1 on the SERPs
  • 386 queries are positioned within the top 50 pages of the SERPs.
  • 230% increase in impressions
  • 291% increase in Organic Search Traffic
  • 110% increase in conversion rate in 5 months

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