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Demand Generation Agency For SaaS Startups

With proven strategies, we help you build, design, and execute marketing activities and campaigns so you’ll generate a predictable pipeline of MQLs and SQLs in 3-6 months.

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Some great reasons to teaming up with us


  • Dislocated teams, services and PoC
  • Scattered point of contacts
  • Lack of domain expertise
  • Copy-pasting the same marketing strategy for all
  • Single agency managing it all
  • Following up on deliverables


  • All in one place: landing page, strategists, email marketers, SEO & SMM experts.
  • Talk to your Fractional CMO and account manager directly
  • Expertise in B2B SaaS marketing
  • Customized strategy based on your goals and budget
  • Guidance of experts working with similar companies
  • 24X7 support, weekly review meetings, monthly reports, quarterly roadmaps


Content Marketing

Creating high-quality valuable content like blog posts, whitepapers, webinars, ebooks, etc. to attract and engage potential customers.

Email Marketing

Send targeted and personalized email campaigns to nurture leads, build relationships, and drive conversions.

Analytics and Tracking

Using analytics to measure the success of demand gen efforts, track ROI, and make data-driven decisions

Event Marketing

Hosting or participating in online events like webinars to build brand awareness, connect with potential customers, and showcase your product or services

Social Media Marketing

Leveraging platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. to promote content, engage with audiences, and enhance brand visibility.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Applying a strategic approach to increase website visitors and achieve the desired action on the web page by downloading a whitepaper, signing up for a free trial, or purchasing a product.


Running SEM, retargeting campaigns, paid advertisements etc. to improve visibility and reach.

Performance Marketing

Identify relevant keywords that optimize your website to rank higher on search engines.

Lead Nurturing

Using targeted communication to educate and build relationships with potential buyers at every stage of the sales funnel.

Leverage growth’s demand generation engine

Blog posts, white papers, webinars, SEO, PR, social media marketing, and paid advertising to increase website visits, impressions, reach.

Position your product as a solution to your audience's pain points by PR and influencer outreach and other organic marketing campaigns to maximize MQLs.

Create lead magnets and landing pages to drive conversion rates.

Personalized email campaigns and retargeting ads to gather SQLs.

Demo or sales calls, case studies/testimonials to close the deal.

Build Awareness:

Blog posts, white papers, webinars, SEO, PR, social media marketing, and paid advertising to increase website visits, impressions, reach.

Create Demand:

Position your product as a solution to your audience's pain points by PR and influencer outreach and other organic marketing campaigns to maximize MQLs.

Lead Generation:

Create lead magnets and landing pages to drive conversion rates

Capture Demand:

Personalized email campaigns and retargeting ads to gather SQLs.

Win Customers:

Demo or sales calls, case studies/testimonials to close the deal.

B2B Demand Generation Channels

Product Marketing

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Retargeting Ads

Our framework for fueling scalable demand generation in phases

Phase I

Phase II

Phase III

  • Define target audience, customer personas, and key buyer’s journey stages.
  • Analyze the competitive landscape. 
  • Develop a unique selling proposition (USP) and messaging strategy.
  • Enhance your website content to resonate with your target audience and USP
  • Implement basic SEO: keyword research, meta tags, content optimization, etc.
  • Create a 3-month content calendar. Begin regular blog posting (aim for 1-2 posts per week).
  • Establish a presence on key social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.). Start regular postings and engage with your audience.
  • Create a basic email nurturing sequence for new leads.
  • Develop an email newsletter to share your latest content with subscribers. Send out initial welcome emails.


Capture more qualified leads

Increase MQL & SQL by 2x in 3 months of timeline

Maximize MRR and ARR

growth’s demand generation services are for:

  • B2B SaaS companies who want to generate a demand for their product

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Case Studies

SurveySensum is an AI-Enabled Customer Experience Management Platform that enables businesses to create efficient, innovative, and interactive surveys, send it across multiple channels to gather valuable customer feedback with a better response rate and turn these into actionable business insights.

Target market:

New York, Singapore, Gurgaon & Jakarta

What we did:

AppSumo Featured, Content Marketing, Growth-led SEO


  • Generated $135k ARR contracts in one month (9th month) is an intuitive, AI-fueled marketing analytics and attribution platform. With Factors, B2B marketers unify and analyze data across campaigns, websites, and CRM to monitor marketing performance, prove marketing ROI, eliminate poor spends and scale efforts confidently.

Target market:


What we did:

Growth-led SEO, Content marketing


  • 78 queries are positioned at No.1 on the SERPs
  • 386 queries are positioned within the top 50 pages of the SERPs.

SalesQL is a Linkedin email finder tool which allows you to find personal and business emails, and phone numbers in Linkedin profiles in just one click with its Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Extension.

Target market:

London, United Kingdom

What we did:

Content Marketing, Growth-led, SEO, Social Media


  • 116% increase in organic traffic in just 3 months

A highly interactive, unified, and feedback-oriented school communication platform that connects schools, parents, teachers, and students.

Target market:

Abu Dhabi, UAE

What we did:

Growth-led SEO, Performance Marketing, Social Media, Web Development, Website UI/UX


  • 1202% increase in organic traffic in 11 months

SuperBeings is the platform that powers hypergrowth enabling fast growing organizations execute strategy and accelerate growth by getting people management “right” from the start. With SuperBeings, you can set clear OKRs, continuous performance management system and continuous employee feedback mechanism.

Target market:

Delaware, Bengaluru

What we did:

Content Marketing, Growth-led SEO, Social Media


  • 483% increase in organic traffic in 7 months
  • Played a crucial role in setting up the growth marketing funnel in the early stage before their inhouse team.

Retable is an online hybrid spreadsheet and database (B2B SaaS) solution that can be used as a data organization and collaboration tool.

Target market:

US, Singapore, India, Turkey

What we did:

Performance marketing, Ad campaigns, SEO-led content marketing


  • Generated 350 signups with a budget of $2,567
  • CAC reduced from $15.92 to $7.29

A leading cloud-based HR & Payroll software. Manages employee data, leaves, hr automation, tracks attendance, automates payroll, and a lot more.

Target market:

London, Hong Kong & Delhi

What we did:

Content Marketing, Featured, Growth-led SEO


  • 400% increase in organic traffic in just 5 months

Frequently Asked questions

How do you ensure deliverables when you work with multiple B2B SaaS businesses?

We form a dedicated team for each client with a dedicated Point of Contact (POC), and we’re 24x7 responsible for our committed deliverables.

What is an example of demand generation marketing?

An example of demand generation marketing could be an educational webinar on a topic relevant to your industry. Interested participants provide their contact information to join, thus generating potential leads. Other examples can include SEO campaigns, content marketing, social media advertising, and email marketing initiatives.

What are the key activities and services offered by demand generation agencies?

Demand generation agencies offer services like inbound marketing, content creation, lead nurturing, SEO optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, event marketing, performance analysis, and sales enablement. They aim to create awareness, interest, and generate demand for your products or services.

What are the benefits of hiring a demand generation agency?

Hiring a demand generation agency can provide several benefits including:

  • Expertise in advanced marketing techniques.
  • Access to specialized tools and technology.
  • Scalability, as they can easily adjust their efforts based on your business needs.
  • Time-saving, as they handle all aspects of demand generation.
  • Enhanced marketing strategy through data analysis and insights

How much does a demand generation agency cost?

The cost of hiring a demand generation agency varies significantly based on

  • the services you required
  • Resources needed to be allocated in your project
  • Add-on services
  • Paid campaigns to be run

How to choose the right demand generation agency for my business?

When choosing a demand generation agency, consider the following:

  • Expertise: Ensure they have experience in your industry.
  • Services: Check if they offer all the services you need.
  • Track Record: Look for case studies and testimonials from their clients.
  • Alignment: Make sure their approach aligns with your business goals.
  • Budget: Consider if their cost structure fits within your budget.

What results can I expect from a demand generation agency?

Results from a demand generation agency will vary based on your business and goals, but you can generally expect an increase in brand awareness, improvement in lead quality and quantity, more opportunities for sales, and ultimately, an increase in revenue. These results should be measurable with key performance indicators (KPIs) set at the start of your engagement with the agency.