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Build an audience segment. Maximize reach, engagement, and brand awareness. Create a sales pipeline in 3 months, and turn ROI into positive.

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The Value Added Bundle

Free Social Media Calendar Template

Get a proven Content Calendar format created by our expert team that has helped our clients generate millions of dollars in revenue.

LinkedIn Profile Management

We take care of LinkedIn personal profiles to utilize personal branding.

Video Production

Our in-house team is capable of creating awesome videos and motion graphics.


Strategy Consulting

Build strategy that aligns with your unique business goals on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

Influencer Marketing

Access the untapped audiences from a specific demographic by leveraging influencer reach and attract ROI.

eCommerce Marketing

Promote your eCommerce store with high-quality product images and content on social media to generate more visitors and sales.

Online Reputation management

Publish thought leadership content and engage with your followers professionally to encourage your customers to leave +ve online reviews. 

Lead Generation

Create high-quality engaging content, compelling ad campaigns with clear CTAs and run contests and giveaways to capture leads.

Paid Campaigns

Create and launch engaging advertising campaigns across platforms to drive traffic and increase return on ad spend (ROAS).

Full-funnel marketing

A strategy that includes a mix of organic and paid activities, targeting different platforms and addressing each stage of the funnel, i.e. Tofu, Mofu and Bofu.

Video Marketing

Boost reach and engagement with videos that capture your audience's interest. From interviews and behind-the-scenes to how-to and promotional videos for products, we have got you covered.


Based on the content calendar, we design posts and write engaging copies for posts, videos, blogs, carousels, reels, etc.

Social media channels

Organic & Paid

Type of social media posts

  • Carousels
  • Illustration 
  • Infographics
  • Animated videos
  • Reels
  • Statistics & data driven posts  
  • Case studies
  • Comparison studies
  • Industry reports
  • Polls, contests & survey

Our Instant Social Media Marketing Team

Works just like your in-house team, but without the cost & time of building an in-house Marketing Team

A team of marketers & strategists

Reasons To Partner With Us

with others

  • Dislocated team
  • Speak to the account managers
  • Lack of domain expertise
  • Copy-pasting the same marketing strategy for all
  • Single agency managing it all
  • Following up on deliverables


  • All-in-one place: Copywriter, creatives, designer videos, social media strategists, etc.
  • Talk to your Fractional CMO directly
  • Expertise in social media marketing
  • Customized strategy based on your goals and budget
  • Guidance of experts working with similar companies
  • 24X7 support, weekly review meetings, monthly reports, quarterly roadmaps

Industries where we excel





growth’s social media services are for 

  • Businesses that need to experiment and identify social media channels for acquisition.
  • eCommerce businesses looking to increase their sales and engagement.
  • Organizations that need to focus on employee acquisition and retention.
  • Startups that want to build a solid online presence.

Strategy we leverage

To drive results


Our successful social media marketing framework

With a proven track record of delivering 100% results

Know The Industry

Our social media marketers study your industry inside and out to gather maximum information about the pain points, potential audiences, competitors and the latest industry trends to position your brand as a thought leader and build credibility.

Research The Market & Audience

Audience and market research enables our marketers discover your customers, including their pain points, demographics, interests, behaviors and market gaps to help you segment your audience and find a voice that resonates with your brand.

Churn The Competitors Strategy

Our social media marketers analyze your competitors' social media strategy to break down promotional and engagement activities, such as the type of content they post, the social media channels they focus on, the hashtags they use, etc.

Audit Your Social Media Accounts

Our social media strategists take the time to look closely at your social media channels and conduct an audit using tools like Rival IQ to analyze your social media profile, posts, engagement metrics and determine what is and is not driving results.

Identify The Social Media Channels

After determining the nature of your brand, our strategists select the best social media platforms that fit your content and brand identity and allow you to maximize engagement and conversions.

Establish The Most Important Metrics And KPIs

Once our research phase is complete, we set the metrics and KPIs based on parameters such as post reach, clicks, engagement, hashtag performance, organic and paid likes, sentiment, views for the initial phase.

Create A Social Media Calendar

Based on the KPIs, we set a social media strategy for the first 3 months that aligns with your brand's voice and goals and create content pillars that add value to your audience and effectively build relationships and grow your following.

Start Publishing Posts

As everything falls into place we start publishing posts on specific social media platforms and optimize them with hashtags. At the end of each month, we share a detailed report on the platforms, consumer demand insights, and KPIs to keep the client informed.

Re-Optimize The Strategy After Measuring The Metrics

We publish posts, create content, run social media ads for the first three months, and look at analytics to determine which post engaged the audience and which campaign performed best to iterate and optimize the strategy for the next phase.

 performance marketing timeline

Tools We Use 


  • Build reach, engagement & brand awareness
  • Create the right audience segment
  • Generate qualified followers
  • Increase conversions
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Turn ROI into positive
  • Build a sales pipeline in 3 months
  • Reduce cost per lead

Frequently Asked questions

How do you ensure deliverables when you work with multiple B2B SaaS businesses?

We form a dedicated team for each client with a dedicated Point of Contact (POC), and we’re 24x7 responsible for our committed deliverables.

How to Build a Better B2B Social Media Strategy?

Building a better B2B social media strategy requires a targeted approach that focuses on building relationships, providing valuable content and aligning with your business goals. Here are a few points you can bear in mind to develop an effective B2B social media strategy:

  • Set achievable and relative goals
  • Competitors research
  • Share data driven content
  • Be consistent

How can you select a perfect Social Media Marketing Company for your Saas products?

When choosing the b2b social media marketing agency, you need to evaluate potential options present in the market based on various factors. Here are some steps you can follow in selecting the perfect B2B Social Media Agency.

  • Define your social media marketing goals
  • Search for SMM companies that specialize in SaaS
  • Evaluate their expertise
  • Analyze their communication and reporting
  • Assess the scope of work and deliverables

How to identify which all are the best Social Media Marketing Services for your B2B products?

As the Determining the best social media marketing services for your B2B product requires a thorough analysis of your target audience, goals and resources. Below are some tips that will help you find the most suitable services for your business:

  • Define your target audience and set clear goals
  • Identify the potential social media platforms
  • Determine your budget
  • Look for analytics and reports

What are the benefits of hiring a social media marketing company?

Here are the benefits of hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency:

  • Establishes a robust brand authority
  • Strengthens the thought leadership
  • Cost effective
  • Experience to create, manage, and optimize social media campaigns

How much does it cost to hire a social media marketing company?

The cost of hiring a social media marketing company can vary significantly depending on the size of your business, your marketing goals, and the services you need. Below is a general breakdown of the costs you can expect:

  • Company size and experience
  • Scope of services
  • Number of social media platforms
  • Duration of the contract