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We’re a B2B SaaS Content Marketing Agency who help you at any stage with proven content marketing frameworks, and trained Content Marketers.

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How Does growth.cx Create An Effective Content Marketing Strategy?

Our framework is based on three components: high quality content, in-depth saas product knowledge, and conversions. Here is our super successful 6-step process.

content marketing roadmap

How Does growth.cx Create Content That Converts Visitors Into Qualified Leads?

Being a full-service B2B SaaS content marketing agency we have the expertise in building and growing SaaS brands. We handle all the elements required to create content that turns visitors into leads. Here is our content creation process:

Deciding The Keywords & Topic

From the keyword insights provided by the SEO team, the content marketing team determines whether we should write a buyer's guide, comparison blog, targeted landing pages, etc., and select the keyword clusters (focus, secondary, and LSI keywords).

The low hanging fruit: Update the existing content to increase qualified traffic & conversions

Updating the existing content is the easiest way to attract new traffic. However, unlike fine wine, the old content on your site doesn’t age well; therefore, it needs to be replaced with updated content. This is how Growth.cx fixes a blast from the past.

Content Prioritization

After researching and considering various parameters like organic traffic, reader engagement, performance on the search engine, etc., our content marketing team comes up with a list of Data Driven Content Marketing Calendar that need to be updated on a priority basis.

Content Updation

To recapture the lost traffic, our team performs content updation in the following ways:

  • Search for competitors and see if something is missing
  • Find and fix any old or broken links
  • Add more relevant or searched topic
  • Update/add images and videos
  • Modify/add CTAs wherever possible to boost conversions

We help B2B SaaS Brands To scale the metrics that matter

Month-on-month increase in qualified website traffic

Improvement in SERP for the target keywords

Sustainable, Predictable & Exponential growth

Reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost

More Benefits Of Partnering With growth.cx To Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts

1. We know SaaS in and out

Having scaled 30+ B2B SaaS products, our team breathes and eats in the B2B SaaS space; therefore, we know what works best in SaaS. 

2. Quarterly Objectives & KPIs

For every quarter, we decide on certain objectives and KPIs to understand the performance and health of our marketing efforts; we strategically plan the right KPIs to achieve results faster. 

3. Monthly reports

Toward the end of each month, we create and send an insightful and quantitative monthly report of the work done to keep decision- makers informed about what's done and what needs to be done to improve future marketing efforts. 

4. Weekly review calls

We conduct weekly marketing meetings to give our clients insights at a granular level and ensure that they are updated with our nitty- gritty marketing efforts that will take them to the bigger picture. 

5. Enterprise-grade Quality Control

For every client, we have a dedicated writer and a senior content marketer to ensure that every content that we deliver is accurate, plagiarism-free, engaging, and drives maximum conversions.

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Frequently Asked questions

How do you ensure native English style of writing?

All of our Content Writers are well trained and certified. Plus, we use paid tools to adjust the English dialect, and make the content sound like a native speaker.

When you work with multiple SaaS businesses, how do you ensure deliverables?

We form a dedicated team for each client with a dedicated Point of Contact (POC), and we’re 24x7 responsible for our committed deliverables.

Why Do You Need A Growth-Led SaaS Content Marketing Agency?

A growth-led SaaS content marketing agency can help you by creating high-quality content based on your marketing and customer acquisition goals. Apart from creating content, it also gauges the analytical insights of your performance and provides actionable suggestions. Here are the additional benefits of partnering with a B2B SaaS content marketing agency:

  • Attract better leads
  • Retain prospects with high-quality content
  • Leave a lasting impression on your customer's mind
  • Create value for your product

How Content Marketing Agencies Help To Grow Your Saas With ROI-Led Content?

B2B SaaS content marketing agencies can help your brand grow by providing expert guidance and boosting your growth. An ROI-driven content marketing can offer benefits like:

  • They will ensure that the content is well-researched
  • They will strategically build your monthly content calendar to boost conversions and sales
  • They con create authoritative content to develop trust among your readers
  • They have expert knowledge of working in the niche which you leverage to grow your business

What Is The Process Of Saas Content Marketing Agency For Generating High-Quality Leads From Content?

Content marketing is a growth lever that all SaaS brands should leverage to drive growth in 2023. Here is how SaaS content marketing agencies create content strategies for their clients to make them stand out from the competitors:

  • Defining the business goals
  • Gathering customer insights
  • Determining the types of content to create
  • Doing the keyword research
  • Creating a content calendar
  • Creating a system around OKRS
  • Distributing your content
  • ROI and traffic tracking

How Content Marketing Agency Make Cold Leads Warm Using Content Marketing Itself?

SaaS Content marketing agencies make cold leads warm by creating content that revolves around these factors

  • Building brand awareness
  • Educating the buyers
  • Grabbing new leads
  • Improvises SEO and marketing efforts
  • Enhancing the revenue strategy
  • Boosting web traffic

What Are The Strategies Of Saas Content Marketing Agencies For Creating Content?

To create highly-converting content, SaaS content marketing agencies adopt the following strategie:

  • Leverage customer data
  • Write keyword-rich content which is relevant to the audience's search intent
  • Equally, distribute the content publishing channels
  • Create product-focused content based on the consumer's pain points
  • Publish and create content for each stage of the marketing funnel