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Phase By Phase Detailed Strategy

We dig deeper and help you with a strategic plan that could be implemented in phases.

Your Journey in Phases

Phase I

Phase II

Phase III

  • Run pilot campaigns across all identified channels to generate data insights in the initial phase
  • Focusing on A/B testing campaigns & building the right audience set 
  • Finding the best cost effective messaging & creative (type of content)
  • Based on data insights we forecast the CAC, and the ideal budget in each channel to achieve the KPIs
  • NB: The CAC will further be reduced in the next phases as we keep optimizing the campaigns.

Channels we focus on

Our Instant Performance Marketing Team

Works just like your in-house team, but without the cost & time of building an in-house Marketing Team

A team of marketers & strategists

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With others

  • Dislocated team
  • Speak to the account managers
  • Lack of domain expertise
  • Copy-pasting the same marketing strategy for al
  • Single agency managing it all
  • Following up on deliverables
  • Scattered and discrete communication

With growth.cx

  • All in one place: Copy, creatives, videos, web design & dev support etc.
  • Talk to your Fractional CMO directly
  • Expertise in B2B SaaS marketing
  • Customized strategy based on your goals and budget
  • Guidance of experts working with similar companies
  • Quarterly roadmaps keeping everyone on the same page
  • 24X7 support, weekly review meetings, monthly reports

A sneak peek into our proven

Performance Marketing Framework

Define clear objectives & requirements

The first step is to define your business objectives & requirements clearly. Our performance marketers will understand revenue goals and objectives you want to achieve, such as increasing demos, and sign-ups, boosting customer retention, or reducing churn.

Identify KPIs

Based on your business goals, our performance marketers identify the metrics that matter most for each phase of performance marketing strategy. For instance, in the first phase we will work on reducing CAC and attracting maximum MQLs/SQLs. By the second or third phase we will work on increasing MRR and CLV.

Market research & competitor analysis

By researching your target market, our performance marketers gain deep insights into customer pain points, potential bottlenecks and market gaps. By studying your competitors, we understand their product offerings, channels, and ads, and help them drive conversions and PR promotional activity.


Based on all the gathered data, our growth marketers will create a 3 phases growth-fueled calendar focusing on types of content, A/B campaign testing for conversions, KPIs to achieve etc.

Choose the right marketing channels

Choosing the right marketing channel helps us to engage with audiences that are most likely to buy your product/services. Our performance marketers commonly focus on search engines, social media, YouTube, and email marketing channels.

Forecast the budget for each channel

Once we identify the right marketing channels with your intended audience, we allocate a marketing budget for each channel to effectively run ad campaigns.

Create compelling content and creatives with clear communication

We write high-quality, simple content to communicate the unique value proposition of your SaaS solution and incorporate visual elements such as images, videos, infographics, or charts to convey complex concepts more effectively.

Implement tracking and attribution

We identify the key touchpoints and interactions throughout the sales funnel of your ideal customers and choose an attribution model that best aligns with your business and customer journey.

Launch the first campaigns in 7 days

Within 7 days of creating the strategy, we launch the first marketing campaign to measure the effectiveness of channels, content, and marketing strategy.

Analyze and optimize for regular intervals

We analyze the results to identify areas of improvement and iterate to optimize your campaigns at regular intervals.

Scale successful campaigns based on data insights

Our marketers continuously test different channels, content types and ads to extract insights and scale the campaigns that have brought the maximum conversions.

 performance marketing timeline

Industries we help scale







Establish a strong digital presence

Create the right audience segment

Attract MQLs/SQLs

Grow sales pipeline by 3x in Phase III

Reduce CAC from Phase II

Turn ROI into positive in Phase IV

Tools We Use 

Our super successful B2B SaaS Organic <> Performance Engagement Framework

Case Studies

Retable is an online hybrid spreadsheet and database (B2B SaaS) solution that can be used as a data organization and collaboration tool.

Target Region:

US, Singapore, India, Turkey


Google Search Ads, Performance Max


  • Generated 350 signups with a budget of $2,567
  • CAC reduced from $15.92 to $7.29

B2B SaaS

London, UK

Nintriva Technology Solutions is an IT services firm that focuses on developing great software with superb customer experience. Their in-house team is capable of MVP prototyping, website UI/UX design and development, mobile & web application – testing, deployment, and support.

Target Region:

US, UK, Canada


Google Search Ads, Responsive Display Ads


  • CPC reduced from $5.74 to $2.14
  • CPL reduced from $464.44 to $40.88

A centralized order management system (B2B SaaS) to handle numerous online food orders from multiple food delivery partners from a consolidated dashboard.

Target Region:



Testimonials Videos, Carousel Ads on Instagram & Facebook


  • Initial CPL was Rs 70-100. Reduced to Rs 39 -55 (by 68.78%)
  • Generated 730+ leads in 3 months
  • Improved lead quality by 85%
  • SQL was improved by 15% with the implementation of video ads
  • Predictable pipeline was built in 45 days

B2B SaaS

Tringpartner is an IVR service provider that empowers businesses with end-to-end call automation, call tracking & routing, virtual phone number, call management, and more. Their app-based business phone system helps teams keep track of all business calls in one place.

Target Region:



Short animated videos, Carousel Ads on Instagram & Facebook, and Google Search Ads


  • Consistently generated quality leads daily: 5-8
  • CPL reduced from $9.78 to $4.28
  • Reduced disqualified leads to less than 5% to make Sales Team’s job better
  • A predictable sales pipeline was built in 3 months

Seekspree is an authentic and exclusive online Indian ethnic Ecom store in UAE unleashing a unique benchmark of Indian ethnic wear.

Target Region:



App install, Google Performance Max & Instagram Ads


  • App installs: 2.5 AED/install
  • From 8 sales in the 2nd month to 40 sales in the 5th month (%)
  • Website engagement from increased 18 sec (month III) to 1 min 28 sec (month IV)


Dubai, UAE

Frequently Asked questions

How do you ensure deliverables when you work with multiple B2B SaaS businesses?

We form a dedicated team for each client with a dedicated Point of Contact (POC), and we’re 24x7 responsible for our committed deliverables.

What are the benefits of performance marketing for businesses?

Performance marketing is a ubiquitous term in the world of marketing. It's an umbrella term for results-based advertising and an innovative approach to advertising that ensures marketers only invest when they see tangible results. Here are the benefits of performance marketing for businesses:

  • Real-time ROI Measurements
  • Better KPI optimization
  • Increased brand reach
  • Opportunity to diversify revenue streams
  • Better, faster results
  • Pay only for results

How can I measure the success of performance marketing campaigns?

To measure the success of performance marketing campaigns, you need to track and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) to understand the effectiveness of your campaign and optimize it for better results. Below are some common KPIs and metrics you can use to measure the success of your performance marketing campaigns:

  • Return on Investment
  • Click-through rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Cost per click
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Customer lifetime value

What are the best strategies for performance marketing?

As the Performance marketing is a digital approach that drives measurable results across multiple channels and tactics, such as leads, sales, or user engagement. Here are some of the best strategies for performance marketing:

  • Set clear goals and KPIs
  • Choose the right channels
  • Optimize targeting and segmentation
  • A/B testing and continuous optimization
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Track and analyze data

Is affiliate marketing the same as performance marketing?

Affiliate marketing and performance marketing are related concepts, but they are different. Let us learn about the differences between the two:

Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate marketing involves a partnership between an advertiser and an affiliate. Where an affiliate receives a commission when a user clicks on the link and performs the desired action (e.g., a purchase or registration).
  • The affiliate promotes the advertiser's products or services on their platform (website, blog, social media, etc.) with unique tracking links. 
  • This type of marketing is based on a revenue-sharing model, where affiliates are rewarded for generating conversions for the advertiser.

Performance Marketing

  • Performance marketing is a broad marketing term encompassing various digital marketing strategies; affiliate marketing is a subset of these.
  • Marketers pay for specific actions or results in performance marketing, such as clicks, leads, or sales.
  • The focus is on measurable and trackable results, so advertisers pay only for the desired results.

What are the most common types of performance marketing?

Performance marketing is an umbrella term for different types of marketing efforts. Here are the most common types of performance marketing:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Native advertising
  • Sponsored content
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid search marketing
  • SEO

How long does it take you to achieve a positive ROI with B2B SaaS advertising?

It is pretty challenging to determine the exact time frame in which you can achieve a positive ROI with B2B SaaS advertising. And why? Because ROI in B2B SaaS advertising depends on various components such as your product, target market, advertising budget, CPA, etc.

However, to give you an overview, we have mentioned some factors that can affect the time it takes you to achieve a positive ROI in B2B SaaS advertising:

  • Typically longer sales cycle
  • Conversion rates
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Advertising budget
  • Audience targeting and messaging
  • Value of customer lifetime