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How did help Tringpartner increase their quality leads by 688% in just 3 months?


Increase in Quality
Leads in just 3 months


Increase in Revenue in just
4 months


Decrease in Cost Per Lead

About Tringpartner

Tringpartner is a call management system that helps businesses with call routing, call forwarding, call tracking, virtual phone numbers, etc. 

Pain-points Tringpartner addresses

  • Helps in directing incoming calls to the right department or individual.
  • Allows businesses to redirect calls to any phone, ensuring no important call is missed.
  • Monitors and records call data, providing insights into customer interactions and campaign effectiveness.
  •  Offers businesses the flexibility to have phone numbers in multiple locations.

Business Type :

B2B SaaS


  • With a 3-person sales team, the company struggled to build a robust sales pipeline and secure high-quality, high-volume leads.
  • The team experimented with multiple agencies but failed to achieve the desired outcomes.

Our Observations & Analysis

  • Search volume for 90% of relevant keywords was low, suggesting that relying solely on Google Search Ads could have led to lower-quality leads and conversions.
  • Extensive use of technical terminology related to the product on the website and in previous campaigns, particularly post-IVR introduction, may have confused the target audience, necessitating simplified communication across all channels.
  •  The website's performance and content optimization were lacking, adversely affecting conversion rates.
  • A different strategy was required to address these issues and improve overall marketing effectiveness.

Challenges we faced

  • In the B2B sector, 90% of keywords had low search volume, leading to a scarcity of quality leads and lower conversions initially.
  • Customer awareness of technical terminology was low, complicating engagement and understanding.
  • The website's initial optimization for performance and content was insufficient, which negatively impacted user experience and conversion rates.

Our strategy & execution

  • Developed a dedicated landing page featuring concise content, refined through competitor analysis in the IVR service sector, and integrated the top 20 selected keywords.
  • The filtration in contact form was implemented on the website.
  • Implemented technical SEO enhancements to boost the performance of the website and user-directed landing pages
  • Improved user experience by simplifying the website's UI/UX design.
  • Conducted Conversion Rate Optimization by reorganizing website content for increased conversions and strategically placing CTA buttons to enhance inquiries/signups.
  • Introduced additional filters in the website form to eliminate low-quality leads.
  • Identified Meta as an effective platform for campaigns after thorough brainstorming and conducted A/B testing with various creative formats (30-second videos, carousels, single images) to determine the most effective campaign strategy.
  • Explored LinkedIn as a channel to target business owners specifically.

What worked?

  • Found the best successful ad (30s video campaign in Meta) and was able to generate 5-8 qualified leads daily.
  • The filtration in contact form was implemented on the website.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization was applied to the website.
  • Improvements were made to the website's UI/UX.
  • A simple communication strategy was implemented across all channels and formats.
  • A dedicated landing page specifically for the ads was created.

What didn't work?

  • LinkedIn was found to be around 10x more expensive (INR 4000/lead) than Meta and Google, so we discontinued the activities on LinkedIn.

End Result

  • Through Conversion Rate Optimization, we consistently brought in quality leads daily: 5-8.
  • The Cost Per Lead was reduced from INR 800 to INR 350 through campaign optimization.
  • Creating a better website almost eliminated the number of false leads (the irrelevant leads dropped to below 5%).
  • Most importantly, we built a predictable sales pipeline in just 3 months.
  • There was a 688% jump in the number of quality leads in just 3 months:
  • Month I - 9
  • Month II - 15
  • Month III - 71
  • We saw a 550% increase in revenue (from INR 1,00,000 to INR 6,50,000) in just 4 months.
  • INR 12,00,000 pipeline was built.

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