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Kriyam is a platform that facilitates field investigations in the BFSI sector, especially in the insurance field, with end-to-end tracking, video KYCs, and other online KYC management systems.


Datalligence AI is the best OKR tracking software for optimizing and measuring your goals and tracking progress against objectives.


Tringpartner is a call management system that helps businesses with call routing, call forwarding, call tracking, virtual phone numbers, etc.


SurveySensum is an AI-Enabled Customer Experience Management Platform that enables businesses to create efficient, innovative, and interactive surveys, send it across multiple channels to gather valuable customer feedback with a better response rate and turn these into actionable business insights. 


CrawlQ’s AI-powered Content Automation platform helps you create high-quality content to engage your target audience, optimize webpages to organically get more clicks, sales, and content authority with cutting-edge Market Research Tools and AI Content Writer. 


A highly interactive, unified, and feedback-oriented school communication platform that connects schools, parents, teachers, and students.


SalesQL is a Linkedin email finder tool which allows you to find personal and business emails, and phone numbers in Linkedin profiles in just one click with its Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Extension.


A leading cloud-based HR & Payroll software. Manages employee data, leaves, hr automation, tracks attendance, automates payroll, and a lot more.


SuperBeings is the platform that powers hypergrowth enabling fast growing organizations execute strategy and accelerate growth by getting people management “right” from the start. With SuperBeings, you can set clear OKRs, continuous performance management system and continuous employee feedback mechanism.


Toobler is a team of passionate tech enthusiasts looking to drive digital transformation with innovative solutions. Toobler has the expertise in a wide range of technology, including custom-built solutions, proprietary, open source etc. Their proficient people fine-tune processes, and systems that have helped startups and enterprises create high-quality web, mobile and IoT solutions. 


A digital platform helping individuals to establish professional credibility. It helps professionals to represent their skills for career growth by reimagining resumes and LinkedIn profiles into a digital format with validated credentials.


Secucenter is a white label partner that is dedicated to providing competent SOC services and expertise in a granular and cost-effective manner. Secucenter assists you round-the-clock to monitor, identify and respond to threats unfailingly backed by an adept team of experts and advanced technology innovations.


Foaps is a restaurant order management system that helps hotels and restaurants manage their online orders more effectively through a single window.


An AI-powered Email Marketing Platform with extended Omnichannel Marketing capabilities that helps you with customer acquisitions, retentions and engagements across email, mobile and web channels.


A digitalization partner that is dedicatedly built to empower and alleviate organizations, especially SMBs, through powerful digital transparency and transformation solutions.

Gallery Vision

A global digital music distribution platform where creators and artists can sell their original music through 100+ digital platforms like Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music etc.


A free website accessibility checker designed specifically to audit the websites and make it accessible for persons with disabilities.


The world’s most versatile online form builder to create enterprise-grade, secure forms without any coding. With GlobalPatron you can create the complete range of data collection forms, all from one place.


A B2B SaaS eCommerce platform for D2C brands to set up their own direct to retailer (D2R) eCommerce.

Appveen data.stack

An API-first backend development platform to help you build scalable and flexible data-centric applications to adapt to the ever-changing market with minimal or no coding requirements.